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Slow Internet? In recent trials, on average Crash2000.net Business broadband was 20% faster than the equivalent product from TalkTalk, BT and Sky.


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Aylesbury Repairs

Aylesbury Repair

 Aylesbury Laptop Repairs - Aylesbury Laptop Repairs

PC and Laptop Symptoms

  • Does your laptop or PC seem slow?
  • Does it error when it boots up?
  • Are you receiving strange messages?
Well if you answer yes to any of these questions there could be a problem.
That’s where we come in. At Crash-2000.com LTD, Aylesbury’s Computer Services Company, we can repair your system and get you back up and running fast.

Locally Based

Located in Bishopstone, we are close to Aylesbury and have ample parking. You can call us on 0871 288 7668 and book your unit in and then just call in and drop it off.
Your details and details of your PC, Laptop, or Server are entered on our database, so we can keep a record of what happens to your system while it is here and also so we can look back at the history should your unit need repairing again in the future.
When you have a repair carried out by Crash-2000.com LTD, we first back up your data. This is essential because if after your repair, you find a file missing, you can contact us and we will locate it on our systems and email it back to you.

Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs

Once we have backup your data the next step in the repair process is to test your hardware. We always test hardware before we start looking any software issues because often a software issue can be caused by an underlying hardware problem.
Once we have ascertained that there isn’t a problem with your hardware we can continue to the next stage which is to look at any software problems.

Software Problems

Software problems can take many different guises it could be a build-up of temporary files which cause your system to perform slowly or it could be a virus, or some spyware that has built up on your system. Also some preinstalled programs that came with your system when you bought it.
By removing these "trial" programs in our Aylesbury workshop as part of the repair process is one of the ways in which we increase the performance of your system it’s a little bit like removing their excess baggage from the boot of your car which then make your car perform more efficiently.
Once these programs have been uninstalled, we also need to remove any traces of these programs. Software manufacturers’ do not like you to uninstall their programs so they don't to make it easy and if they can, they will leave a trace of their programme behind which needs to be removed manually.
But when you have your system repaired by us here in Bishopstone, Aylesbury, we remove all traces of unwanted programs. This makes any repair more succesful.

Manufacturer installed programs

Sometimes a manufacturer will install an Internet Security program trial which you no longer use. You may have decided to use the different Internet Security Product. Having two separate Internet Security programs on your system is not ideal as they both compete for resources with the inevitable outcome is that neither successfully scans your files.
The next stage is to scan your system for viruses. We will scan your system for viruses using 5 different technologies, making sure that when we repair a system, it will return to you virus free.
As you may know there isn’t one single product, that covers everything so we make sure by scanning as much as possible with different products here in our Bishopstone, Aylesbury Workshop.
Because we do this in the controlled environment of our workshop we can use multiple products without the issue of them competing for resources.
One of the issues that modern systems face these days is the speed at which they start up and. This is often caused by the software insisting that it connects to the Internet and checks for updates every time the system is switched on. We feel for certain products this is unnecessary. We analyse these programs and prevent some of the less important programs from connecting to the Internet at start-up.
Once we are satisfied that all the programs are running how they showed we then make sure that your windows is completely up to date. This involves making sure that all service packs have been installed and all the latest updates from Microsoft have been downloaded and applied to your system.
If you have Microsoft Office installed on your system we will make sure that this two has always service packs installed and the necessary updates applied.



Finally, once your system has been fully serviced and all repairs carried out, we then they clean the unit removing any marks on the screen to make the unit look and as if it was new.

Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs - Aylesbury Repairs



Crash-2000.com is Aylesbury Computer Repairs Centre. Based in Bishopstone and supported by Bucks Trading Standards. The best service in the UK