About Us

Welcome to Crash-2000.com LTD

We are a small family business that has been providing IT Services to business and home users alike for over 10 years.

Since our inception in 2000, we have gradually built our selves into the company you see today. We provide Computer and Server Sales, Network installations for both business and home users. We provide broadband and internet services including website host and design, domain name registration and of course installation and troubleshooting.

Our purpose built workshop is designed to deal with any complicated repairs that are needed to your systems. Our leading edge data recovery systems, means we seldom have to say "Sorry, you have lost all your data". In fact, we are proud to say we CAN recover data that others can't. If you have been told by a Superstore, that you have lost all your data, then get in touch with us now and don't let anyone else near your computer, until we have had a chance to look at it.

We have a total commitment to customer service. You can always reach us on the phone. Also, we respect your privacy, we really won't pass your details on to anyone. Honest!

Crash-2000.com LTD is recognised by Trading Standards as a provider of exceptional customer service and is listed on their website http://buywithconfidence.gov.uk/. There are few IT companies with such credentials.

Our staff are somewhat more mature than your average High Sreet PC superstore and are able to communicate with you at a level that you are comfortable with. Without, baffling technobabble.

Whatever you need, from a laptop to just surf the internet or a fully functioning business network for 75 users, we are the "One Stop" shop for all these services, combined with the personal service that only a small family business can offer. Don't believe me? Then give us a call on 0871 288 7668 and ask for Mark

Mark Bale - Director of Crash-2000.com LTD