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Which Computer is right for me?

Jan 13

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I am often asked “Which computer is right for me?” or “What does this computer jargon mean?” on an advertisement, particularly from friends or people who have grown up before the so-called “Computer Revolution”. These people are often referred to in the press as so-called “Silver Surfers”.

Looking at my head of hair, or lack of it, I can see that what remains would probably put me in the same category. (Although, I may not admit it.)

Let me diverse slightly into the relaxing world of gardening.

Gardening - The activity of tending a garden, especially as a profession, task, or hobby.

If we wander into the tool shed and gather some tools together. Let's get a fork and a wheelbarrow. Actually, let's get two forks in case someone else shows up and wants to lend a hand.

Now we have gathered our tools, let us make our way out to our compost bin as today is the day we are going to put some compost on our beds.

I am sure we all know that in order to get compost from our compost bin to our beds, we will use the fork to lift the compost from the bin, place it in the barrow, take it to our beds and apply accordingly. However, what does this have to do with computers?

Well let us look at the important specifications of a computer. A typical laptop or desktop will say...

Processor – Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz (Gigahertz)

System Memory – 2 GB (Gigabyte)

Hard Disk Capacity – 160 GB (Gigabyte)

Operating System – Windows 7 Home Premium

So how do we compare the computer with our garden chore?

The Hard Disk capacity, in this case 160 GB is like our compost bin. The higher the number, the larger the capacity. Some units may have two or more hard disks. Like you may have two or more compost bins.

The System memory, in this case is 2 GB, is like your fork. The larger the number, the larger your fork. Obviously, the bigger the fork, the quicker you can fill your wheelbarrow.

The Processor. Well the important figure here is the 2.0 GHz. This relates into our gardening chore as the speed that you are able to use your fork. The higher the figure, the faster you move your fork from the compost bin to the wheelbarrow.

Now what about this “Core Duo” part? Well that too is simple to explain. That is when your friend has come along and helps using the second fork that we had with us. Some computers say they have a “Quad Core Processor” or in our case, 3 more friends, with forks to help.

Oh, and the Operating System? Well simply, the area needs all this compost!!

Copyright ©2011 Mark Bale

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