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Why doesn't my Internet Security Product Stop all The Problems?

Jan 17

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17/01/2011 18:37  RssIcon

Having an Internet Security product installed on your computer, may make you think you are fully protected to freely surf the internet. But this far from reality. You still need to be vigilant and you need to understand what else to look for.

You need to treat your internet security a little bit like having a burglar alarm on your house.

Firstly, it needs to switched on and it needs to be up to date. It's no good whatsoever thinking that a 10 year old burglar alarm is going to protect you like a modern one.

The same applies to an out of date security product. If a nasty piece of viral code prevents your security product from starting, then you may as well not have it.

Secondly, and perhaps not so obvious. If someone knocks on your door or rings your doorbell and you let them in without making sure who they are, you are technically bypassing your burglar alarm altogether.

How often have you had a message box pop up asking you a question and because you are in the middle of something, you have just closed it without reading or understanding what it does. Thus bypassing your security system?

Thirdly, you have made a purchase and you are having it delivered. The Courier arrives in his van and knocks on the door. You answer and take your purchase and open it. You discover that you have also received for free a new device that needs to be plugged in to allow any future deliveries to be accepted without the need for you to be there, answer the door, or check their ID. But you don't read the instructions and just plug it in and switch it on. It then opens your door when you are out.

How often have you downloaded a program from the internet or installed an update and been offered for free a toolbar that is supposed to help you. But you haven't actually read what it does. You have just plugged it in?

The moral to this story is that there is no such thing as a free  lunch. If you are offered something for free, ask yourself why. Read Terms and Conditions, no matter how long it takes. Read those pop ups. Don't install free software and keep all your security up to date.

That way, you are keeping yourself as protected as you can. Safe Surfing.


Copyright ©2011 Mark Bale

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