What our customers say....

Computer Problems?

  • Computer Running Slow?
  • Taking a long time to start?
  • Getting strange messages on the screen?
  • Has your Internet Start Page Changed by itself?
  • DVD drive not working?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, you have got a problem that needs looking at straight away. This could be a problem with the Hardware (The Physical parts of your computer) a Virus or Spyware

If it is a Virus or Spyware, leaving your system in this state could lead to serious problems and not just with your computer.

  • Your important data could be accessed by a hacker.
  • You could be passing on virus infected emails to friends and family
  • You could have a "Key logger" which will be recording anything you type and sending to someone on the internet.
  • You passwords and account logins could be sent to someone on the internet
  • Your Computer could be participating in a "Bot Net". Which is where your computer is being controlled by someone to send emails out on your behalf, attack websites and cause a nuisance to others.
  • You could be attracting other viruses or Malware (Programs you don't want)
  • Information gathered could be used for identity theft.

You may think you are safe because you have an Internet Security installed. But you must treat an Internet Security Product like a Burglar Alarm on your house. While it does lessen the chance of invasion, it does not guarantee against invasion.

Also, have you ever had a message pop up right in the middle of doing something and you have either clicked it deliberately or accidentally to get rid of it, without reading it? Well if you have, you may have inadvertently give that file permission to install, thus by passing your Internet Security. A little bit like someone knocking at your door to come in and you let them in without checking their credentials. They have technically bypassed your alarm system.

All this points to the fact your system has been compromised and you need to address this issue immediately. Contact us on 0871 288 7668 and we will service your unit, check the hardware, remove Viruses. Spyware and Malware, update your Operating System.

Call 0871 288 7668 for further information and advice